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mysql debugger

The tool for debugging stored procedures, functions, triggers, and SQL scripts. Testing of the functionality doesn’t waste your time anymore.

Replace manual debugging with the modern full functional debugger for MySQL. Using “MySQL Debugger” to debug your scripts, you don’t need:

  • To create “debug” tables to insert variable values when debugging;
  • To insert --select queries into stored procedures text (code) to get variable values or parameters.

Being armed with the professional debugger for MySQL, you:

  • Save your time.
  • Simplify the process of debugging stored procedures and functions.
  • Get the ability to quickly find bugs.

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Debug stored procedures, functions and triggers without difficulties. Set breakpoints to stop execution on any row of code and evaluate variables.

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mysql debugging stored procedures

The Watch of local variables.

mysql debugging watch

The breakepoins and addading local variable to Watch window.

Advantages and features

Below are just a few things you will be able to accomplish with Debugger for MySQL:
  • Efficiently debug and manage stored MySQL procedures and functions
  • Continue debugging into nested procedures and functions
  • Use conditional breakpoints
  • Use tooltip expression evaluation
  • Run SQL commands in the debugging context
  • The smart code editor with an autocomplete
  • Debug anonymous code (similar to anonymous blocks in Oracle)
  • Benefit from full Unicode support

Why do it?

mysql databaseBeing a free database management system, MySQL is very popular among developers for small and medium-sized businesses based database applications and Web sites. Offering ease of deployment and development in conjunction with the performance and flexibility, this database has everything you need to create a database key applications of any type - from a simple 5-page website is a great solution to thousands of users and complex business logic.

Despite being so feature-packed and versatile, MySQL provides developers with absolutely no debugging support, which makes it hard to quickly write stable and bug-free code.

This shortcoming of the popular DBMS incited many developers and software companies to accept the practice of writing server side code on the client side to facilitate the implementation of complex business logic using powerful development environments. This approach is fundamentally wrong, as it jeopardizes both the integrity of the database data and the business logic of the solution being created.

If you are a database developer looking for a powerful and yet easy to use MySQL debugging tool tailored for advanced management of stored functions and procedures, Debugger for MySQL will give you every conceivable feature you need and will actually deliver beyond your expectations.